Dear my love,

I’m feeling a lot better this week.

I think taking those beef liver supplements along with the Coq10 + PPQ really help, because every morning I wake up feeling not just refreshed but pumped and ready to own the day. It’s as if someone had injected me with coffee but without the jitteriness, or as if I had broken my heavy-lifting record without feeling fatigued. It’s amazing, what a few supplements can do to bump up your baseline, and I’m now gonna say that these are my non-negotiables.

Thanks for recommending them. 😊 I can’t wait to see us gulping down 100+ pills like Dave Asprey does, which still scares me a little since I can totally imagine us doing so (after all, we’re at 25 pills a day now). But hey, if that gives us the edge towards accomplishing more and becoming who we want to become even sooner, then by all means I’ll keep swallowing them all! 😝

On another note, I’m really glad we played Monopoly (the Hong Kong edition) with my parents. I didn’t think they would be interested because it’s considered a “kid’s game”, but man…did you see their faces? I haven’t seen them act this youthful — spitting out jokes, tossing their heads back with laughter, taunting with a smirk. It’s nice knowing that they still have a kid in them and that they’re not too old to play, because honestly I feel that too many of us, once we become adults, become serious about everything in life — including things like decorating the house, hanging out with friends and planning a vacation.

It makes me wonder:
Why do most of us turn out that way?
What made seriousness the casual mode of communication amongst adults?
Can we be playful AND responsible?

I wish we all took life a little easier, a little slower, perhaps squeeze in some extra “me” time to do what we used to enjoy as kids, because somewhere along the way, we had forgotten what it felt like to feel alive.

I mean, when was the last time you found yourself bursting with energy towards a curiosity, towards a passion, towards a meaningful purpose? Was it as intense as it was when you were a kid?

I think if we want to feel alive again, to feel as young as a human being can be, we need to remember how we used to enjoy life as a kid and to not let societal pressures discourage us from playing around. After all, you only get one life — would you spend it acting in accordance to other people’s expectations or based on what you feel?

I’m glad we’re taking the initiative to let loose and have fun (hopefully my parents felt the same way) and I hope one day, we will find something we both enjoy that makes us feel alive.

I’m not sure what that might be, but I’m excited to keep exploring with you until we find out. 😄

Your tiny bear


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